About Axiom One

Axiom One creates value in digital assets with outstanding operational strategy and by creating growth opportunities via financing. With our active management strategy and strategic investment time horizons we often achieve strong, uncorrelated returns for our investors.

We are quite bullish on the long term outlook for digital assets and believe they will only become a more popular investment class with time. There is an incredible amount of opportunity in the space, whether you are looking to hit a long ball or to collect passive income from a cash flowing business.

Meet the Axiom One Investments Team

Granger McCollough
Co-Founder & Manager

Granger built his first Amazon FBA business in 2016 and has since developed a passion for creating and investing in different types of digital assets.

He has substantial experience in eCommerce, content marketing, SEO, PPC marketing, email marketing, and CRO. He uses his skillset to build and scale assets with a focus on growth while maintaining substantial cash flow.

Granger currently manages all operations and strategy for Axiom One’s web publishing businesses, eCommerce stores, and Amazon FBA assets.

Garrett Nondorf

With a background in debt and equity placement for commercial real estate transactions, Garrett brings extensive investing acumen to the table. He loves investing in digital assets as high yield, high growth potential investments.

Garrett currently underwrites Axiom One’s deal flow and manages the firm’s investor and financing relationships.

Digital Asset Operators

At Axiom One, we are proud of our diverse portfolio of digital assets. With a keen focus on select business models, we have developed a repeatable strategy that works. Our experience with multiple business models helps us see opportunities that other operators might not see.

Currently, we operate eCommerce and content websites in our investor partnerships. That’s where most of our operational experience and infrastructure lies – we have a skilled team and partner with some of the top talent in the industry. We have plans to expand the scope of our investor partnerships in the near future.

We Buy Online Businesses

We are always open to deals and offer fair valuations for our acquisition targets. No matter what your current situation is, we’d love to discuss your business and see if we can give you a fair deal. As sellers ourselves, we understand the selling process and love providing a smooth transition experience for our private acquisitions.

At the moment, our acquisition targets are primarily eCommerce stores but we will consider any of the following business models for acquisition:

  • Content websites/web publishing (affiliate, display ad, info product, etc.)
  • eCommerce stores (dropship & traditional)
  • Amazon FBA
  • Publishing & Amazon KDP

If you’re interested in starting a discussion with us to potentially sell us your business, get in touch with us here.